Here's a LIST of Blues Bands, their Contact Name's &  Number's that are willing to play in Decatur area

Black Magic Johnson                                       Reggie 217- 502-3528

Smoothtimes                                         Adrian Muex 217-891-7728

Blues Deacons                                                  Billy Galt 217-762-8011

Bluesmattic                                                          Greg 217-498-7778

Ed & Lorrie Eden Band                                   217-381-3543                             

Groove Daddies                                               JJeff Kornfield 217-494-5872         

Hipbone Sam                                                    Sam 217-801-6285

Kilborn Alley Blues Band                                 Tom Duncanson 217-351-1867

Reverend Robert                                           Bobby Reynolds 217-412-9799

 Alex Jenkins & The Bombers                          Tim Jenkins 217-267-7037

Timmy D & The Blind Justice                    .Tim Donaldson 217-841-0873

Deak Harp Blues                                        Deak Harp 

Hurricane Ruth                                              Ruth  618-334-4127

James Jones Trio                               James Jones 217-504-5877 

Jerry Lee and the JuJu Kings              Jerry Lee Gingery 815-351-4706

   *home grown blues bands from Decatur 




Your Blues Band can be added to the list too by              calling 217-855-4262 ... We'd Love to Hear You!

Sally Weisenbury                                              Sally 309-360-8105

Steve the Harp Blues Band                           Steve 309-310-9466

Stone Cold Blues                                                        KP 217-685-3933

The Dave Chastain Band                              Larry Wigand (309) 246-2986   

The Mojo Cats                                                 Greg 217-498-7778

The Mud Bugs 
                                                                Kit Jones   217-652-2617

The Sofa Kings                                                Dave 217-725-9894


Antone & The Blue Shadows                    217-237-2680

 *Voodoo Lounge                               Kurt Terry 217-433-5623   

Mary Jo Curry & Tombstone Bullet                         Mike Rapier 217-899-9422      

Susan Williams Band                          


Inner City Blues Band                                  "Skeet" Rodgers 314-306-6609

Brett Bunton Project

Brett 309-303-7328

Jeff 309-696-0247


Tony 217-691-6006

David Lumsden Blues Band

David              217-725-9894

  *home grown blues bands from Decatur




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