This website exists as a beacon of light so to speak. Like the lighthouse with it's bright light, which shines in the dark of night, showing travelers the way to reach their destination, this website is here to direct you, the blues music traveler, to find events our area to enjoy! 

Hit the underlined link below to see the 'Who What When Where and Why' in blues music happenings right here in Decatur and the surround area  :)  

                         Decatur Blues Society's facebook

               ~~Find out who's playing tonight and where~~

                                        Live Blues Music in Central Illinois 

                                                     River City Blues Society 

                                                                   Illinois Central Blues Club

                                                                    Blues Blowtourch Society             


Decatur Blues Society meets on the second Tuesday of each month at Paco's Sol Bistro in Decatur IL at 6 PM. Everyone is welcome to attend.






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