The Road to Memphis 2020

This year, the Solo/Duo Challenge was held at the Craft Beer Bar

in Springfield. The Band Challenge was held at Neil St Blues in

Champaign. Again, this was joint Challenges sponsored by the   

Illinois Central Blues Club of Springfield, Prairie Crossroads     

Blues Society of Champaign and the Decatur Blues Society. The

Band Challenge was won by the Smokers Blues Band. The         

Solo/Duo Challenge was won by the Black Eyed Lillies. They   

will be representing the three Blues Societies at the International

Blues Challenge held in Memphis in January 2020.                    

Memphis is very expensive. The prize money they won from us

does not come close to covering their costs. There will be          

fundraisers in various locations.  Please attend and contribute by

buying a raffle ticket, dropping a few bucks in the tip jar, buying

a  CD or T-shirt.                                                                             

There is a scheduled fundraiser for the Black Eyed Lillies to be   

held at Pop's Place in Decatur on December 28 from 8 till 11.     









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